hey tumblr.. we need to have a talk.

first of all, THANK YOU for any reblogs, sharing, etc, as i’ve been trying to push my kickstarter. seriously - you don’t know how much I TRULY appreciate it!!

secondly, today i dropped a BIG sneak peek on my kickstarter page to reveal half of my comic “TheGreyNinja vs TheSilverSlash” that comes along WITH my sketchbook - which i have included here for your reading pleasure:

lastly, i still need help. i’m just a little over half-way through with the kickstarter, but i need help. if you dig comics, ninjas, drawing, and (in my humble opinion) rad sketchbooks… please do yourself (and me) a favor and go to and grab yourself a copy of “SCRIBBLES” — or tell a friend about it.


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So my husband launched this kickstarter to print his sketchbook - which is super rad by the way - not too long ago. there’s about a week to go in the campaign and we need your help to make this happen. So if you haven’t already ordered yourself a bit of awesome from this guy, head on over to We appreciate any and all help. :)